Money Money Money

I’ve read four books on the Economy this week in order to impress a man. Obviously, I’m never going to voluntarily talk about Economics but when the downturn comes up in conversation (he watches the News and everything) I want to pull the right faces. I have therefore decided it’s important to know what stuff like malfeasance and attrition rates are. A couple of the books were about the stock market, and trading on subprime mortgages, junk bonds, etcetera. I tell you it’s a revelation! (And a lot easier than the fortnight I spent studying Farsi for a now forgotten crush). I am shocked by the corruption and malfeasance in financial institutions and I had always assumed most money men were cheating bastards anyway. Ring fence! Ring fence! On the bright side it is nice to learn that I have the same credit rating as an entire country – I’m on a par with Greece! So proud.Talking of Greece I really need a holiday. Last year Hoskin took me to Alicante for four days. This year the closest I have come to a holiday is weeping over last year’s happy blog about Spanish jellyfish. So why haven’t I whisked myself abroad? Well, as you will recall, I invested every cent I’ve ever earned into taking my first hour long show to the Edinburgh Festival. (It went OK, it rained a lot). And Hoskin has already had a damned holiday so I am not being sponsored. As we crawl into October and the Spanish window firmly closes, my frantic googling of holiday destinations is becoming less and less realistic. If I want to lie on a hot beach this year it would now have to be on a long haul trip, but unsurprisingly – just as Spain proved too much for my empty pockets - so has Cancun. This hasn’t increased my sympathy for the thieving bankers one iota. Or governments’ willingness to bail out the baddies. (Read The Big Short if you would like to know how vile 'they' are). Meanwhile, I was looking up oleaginous when I got distracted and just read the Dictionary. I soon reached oligarchy - government by the few. (Greek origin)And it turns out that despite myself I accidentally have an opinion on Economics. I don’t think Greece should accept these punitive 72% interest rates on their debt. That’s worse than my 48.7% APR Capital One credit card. Why do people with bad credit always get fucked? It doesn’t help us! Go back to the Drachma, Greece! The Euro isn’t doing you any favours. And you’re costing a fortune. If people want to throw good money after bad they should throw some at me. I want a tan.the Greeks are not happy