Mock not...

I've just been hearing how a Canadian entertainer raised eyebrows in an industry that can't always raise 'em, by getting breast implants for a $100,000 bet. Why the fuss? Well, he's a bloke... and men deciding plastic tits are a good way to make cash is still a novelty (in North America at least). Perhaps not for long though, as the easy availability of technology makes it the gift that keeps on giving. I was thinking about this last week as it was my birthday and I turned 30 again. The majestic size of the number gave me pause to reflect; when I was a little kid, computers were a class on Fridays and I wasn’t allowed to learn how to type in case I became a secretary; big mobile phones were for Big Businessmen; and Jaws was frightening not funny. Now, even I have an iPhone, and unless it blows up in my ear like a PIP breast, this must be progress. In fact, I’m only a sitcom commission away from being able to afford a face fat with collagen, a botox-fixed look of surprise, and huge fake boobs that can pick up BBC6 music at will, if I fancy it as a good idea.
             Jaws used to be frightening, Brian still is