God love 'em

After 20 years of happy divorce my parents decided to travel together to New Zealand this year to see my brother and celebrate his 40th (what a birthday present!). They are now en route home via Sydney.Yesterday, 23:12Hi TaniaWent out last night to pick up 2 bottles of wine.Went to shop bought box of tea, milk, 2 bananas. Next shop : wine shop - 2 bottles of wine. I put daddy's "shopping bag" over my shoulder it was tucked under my arm. He insisted on holding it. Handed over. Came back to "skanky area/flat" drank wine. Off to bed. In morning : daddy was up and about - his wallet had been stolen. Can u believe it ? He's being carrying a "bag" with his wallet in etc. But last night put in an "open" shopping bag! Lordy! Lordy!He's spent the last hour cancelling cards and going to police station.Happy daysThis holiday has cost me a fortune!Xxxxx‪Today, 00:33‬‬‬Hi darlingWallet has been found in daddy's bedroom on his shelfSent from my iPhone